Saturday, February 25, 2012

CI server now building for 32-bit x86

We've just added build jobs for 32-bit x86 on the Lycus CI server. We're looking for x86 machines running Windows (7 or Server 2008) and OS X (Lion) that we can run Jenkins slave instances on. If you have such systems available and are willing to let us use them to run libffi-d and MCI builds on, please drop us an email! We also welcome BSD systems (FreeBSD and OpenBSD in particular). AIX, Solaris, and Hurd machines are also welcome, although these are given low priority as far as porting MCI goes.

Our plan is still to port MCI to ARM, PowerPC, MIPS, and Itanium. For ARM, we already have an Efika MX (with support for hardware-assisted floating-point) that we need to set up somewhere. If anyone wants to donate power and an Internet connection for this machine, it would be greatly appreciated! As far as MIPS goes, we have our eyes on the RouterStation Pro. Obtaining it is easy enough, but again, we need somewhere to have it running. For PowerPC, we're planning to get one of the older Mac machines (since anything non-Apple seems to be way too expensive, ironically). We don't have any plans for Itanium yet. Getting Itanium hardware is virtually impossible for us since we lack funding of any kind.

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